Sing Something Simple

On Sunday evenings for over forty years, listeners would sit back in their armchairs and relax to the gentle sounds of Sing Something Simple. Broadcast first of all on the BBC Light Programme and then on BBC Radio 2, the show featured the most popular melodies of the last 70 years, performed by The Cliff Adams Singers, accompanied by accordionist Jack Emblow; who also played on a variety of television theme tunes including Bergerac, Allo Allo and Last of the Summer Wine. The programme ran for 42 years from 1959 until 200, earning itself the title of the longest-running continuous music programme in the world.[1]

We'll feature extracts from those legendary programmes and aim to evoke those memories of years gone by , and as the announcer used to say "we invite you to Sing Something Simple, not only listening, but joining in we hope, with all these songs you know so well". Here's that famous old theme song to put you in the mood.


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